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  1. Nick » Jehad Your age » 21 Hours (link gametracker) » https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Hours are low, but I will work to be online more. Where can we contact you? » Facebook Messenger. Facebook (compulsory) » https://www.facebook.com/jehad.al.3 Steam [ON/OFF] » ON Have you read the rules? » Yes. Are you active on teamspeak3? » actually no ..but i will Describe yourself in maximum 3 words » disciplined, calm, versed. Why do you think it would be worthwhile to be accepted? »I want to stop a lot of hackers enter in times when there is no admins .. There are many players breaking the laws and making problems .. Since I want to save the server in the best case .. I am not new to this I was admin to the former servers furien old school, which closed, I also love this server and hope to become a member of his family: ')
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