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  1. CONTRA duble post and read regulations and not active teamspeak3
  2. RESPINS! Activity on TeamSpeak3 is mondatory, and read the regulations. T/C
  3. CONTRA I say wait a little while considering you have a complaint
  4. RESPINS! i rejected your request again, you make another one after 5 days. TOPIC/CLOSED
  5. CONTRA nu ai nimic din cerintele cerute.
  6. RESPINS! nu ai citit regulamentu, si activitatea pe ts este obligatorie. T/C
  7. Respins asta e cerere pentru slot, o faci la sectiunea pentru slot, daca vrei de admin ai aici linku DE la model T/C
  8. Pro, dar citeste regulamenu, ca sunt sigur ca ai dat copy.
  9. Respins. Nu ai citit regulamentul Topic/closed
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