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  1. Nick » Jeark Your age » 15 Hours (link gametracker) » Where can we contact you? » on Facebook Facebook ADD » Steam [ON/OFF] » OFF Have you read the rules? » I respect the rules Are you active on teamspeak3? » not always 😄 Describe yourself in maximum 3 words » Kind / Nice / strong Why do you think it would be worthwhile to be accep: Because I will be active and respect all the rules and strive to help our community FASTCS.RO ❤️
  2. Your nickname : Jeark Real name : mohamed amine Your age : 15 Country, City and County : Country= Algeria / City= Geulma A picture with you : / Where can we contact you? : yes on fb= What do you like to do in your spare time? : playing on pc What games do you play? : Gta v / Counter strike 1.6 / CS:GO Why did you choose this community? : Because he is respectful and good ❤️ Where did you hear from us? : on gametracker