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  1. wow, why i've not seen any message from anyone except you and chesley?
  2. this is a good lie too, i made a 2 votes for afganistan and in the first vote 60% of the players accepted it and the second one 70% accepted it so?
  3. Ok first, i speak in english + arabic.. we just talk to our selves its not your job. second, please remumber you made a 6 votes in 10mins.. remumber that. also where's the problem in win 20 times? and why are you angry because we got bronze member? anyway, is that a real report? i mean where's the exciting things, i mean if i talk in arabic is that not allowed? is that bullying or what? goodluck.
  4. Current Nick: Seniorita. Nick wanted: uM # ShivaZ. Time since last request: first time
  5. how i gey admin in the server plase .?


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