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  1. Administrator Adăugați încă un meniu Ca meniul VIP pe care doar VIP-urile îl au. Iar în meniul VIP există o superknife + dublu dmg. Și adăugați, de asemenea, Frost Nade că Human va fi înghețat. În meniul VIP.
  2. our name » Mr.Umer Current degree » Co-Moderater Desierd degree » Best-God ❤️ Hours (link gametracker) » https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr.Umer/ Have you read the rules? » Yes ❤️ Are you active on teamspeak3? » Yes 🙂
  3. Your name » Mr.Umer Evidence » From which admin did you get the ban? » [Leader] cRz IP + SteamID » "Mr.Umer" 1 STEAM_ID_LAN 0 00:12 0 0 de_dust20000.bmp de_dust20001.bmp de_dust20002.bmp de_dust20003.bmp
  4. Mr.Umer


    Cine ti-a dat ban: [Leader] cRz Nickname-ul tau: Mr.Umer Motivul banului: Wall Unique ID: STEAM_1:0:1717090812 Screenshot(dovada): Descrierea situatiei: He give me 5 mint for send ss in imgur and i was dont know what is Imgur i said to him that give me your fb and i will send you he was just sayying that send me or banned+remove 😞 de_dust20000.bmp de_dust20001.bmp de_dust20002.bmp de_dust20003.bmp
  5. Numele tău?: Mr.Umer De ce nu poți veni?: Cuz... i am having job at that time 😞
  6. Nick » Mr.Umer 😄 Your age » 19 Hours (link gametracker) » https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ Where can we contact you? » Arbab Umer Kasi "FB" Facebook (compulsory) » Arbab Umer Kasi 😄 Steam [ON/OFF] » ON Have you read the rules? » YES 🙂 Are you active on teamspeak3? » YES 🙂 Describe yourself in maximum 3 words » I Hate Fake People 😄 Why do you think it would be worthwhile to be accepted? » I really want to be admin here cuz... i love this sv and Really want to stay active 🙂
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