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Addons AmxModx DeathRun v1 [LINUX & WINDOWS]

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Addons Deathrun [ LINUX & WINDOWS ]

Descriere: Acesta este un addons Deathrun [Linux&Windows]
Autor: teke

Pluginuri adaugate:
DeathrunManager.amxx - v3.0 modul deathrun
no_retry.amxx- nu poate da retry
afkkicker.amxx - da kick la afk
speclist.amxx - arata spectatorii tai
Map_Spawns_Editor.amxx - pune mai multe spawnuri la harti [unele harti le-am modificat eu]
admin_freelook.amxx - adminii se pot uita si pe CT & T
DRM_trigger_hurt_fix.amxx - fixeaza un bug deathrun
Deathrun_Shop.amxx - Deathrun shop (/drshop)
plugin_trail.amxx - Trail
amx_bhop.amxx - Autobhop
high_ping_kicker.amxx - Da kick la cei cu lag
show_admins_vl.amxx - Arata adminii online
knife_mod.amxx - Knife mod (/knife)
ad_manager.amxx - Mesaje colorate in chat
team_join.amxx - Te baga automat la CT
resetscore.amxx- Iti reseteaza scorul
webcs_info.amxx - Arata informatii despre harta , server
ghostchat.amxx - Mortii pot vorbii cu Vii
amx_destroy.amxx - Plugin care distruge CS-ul
advanced_gag.amxx - Un gag avansat ,colorat (gag pe minute)
DeathrunFreeRound.amxx - Terro poate da FreeRound printr-un vot
roll_the_dice.amxx - Diferite puteri printr-o comanda

Download LINUX:
Download WINDOWS:

Imagine 1
Imagine 2
Imagine 3
Imagine 4
Imagine 5
Imagine 6
Imagine 7

Pareri? ;d

If you have any question, please contact me!

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