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[Addons] CSDM

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This is a CSDM type addons with Sentry, Lasers and Shop. The server will work perfectly, has no lag. The server has fast download, and M4 and AK have been modified.
Link download:https://yadi.sk/d/Vvqx_jG2cY4iP
killa_hp.amxx; Dmg made admin_check.amxx; see online admins / admin; admin_spec_esp.amxx; wall for admins adminlisten.amxx; admini see all chats weapon_icon.amxx; ; nice_kicker.amxx; kick for lag 90+ voteban.amxx vip_rank.amxx; the first of the top / 15 will be given VIP status only he_selfdamage.amxx status; he doesn't hurt you hey your ad_manager.amxx; Advertise in cheat! (setari in advertisements.ini) resetscore.amxx; / resetscore autobuy_fix.amxx; stop buying weapons; anti_hlbrute.amxx; binds del, insert, F9 etc. anti coded join_ip_colored.amxx; show ip to round_nonstop.amxx csdm_spawn_maker.amxx; various spawn locations on vampire.amxx map; if you kill an opponent +20 hp amx_parachute.amxx; parashuta lasermine_020.amxx; laser mine sentryguns.amxx; sentry don't know how to I call another way: D> - CS_Shop.amxx; shop by order / shop bind_laser.amxx; automatic lasers bind_question.amxx; at first you wonder if you want to bind admin_money.amxx; money for admissions unlimited_money.amxx new_weapons.amxx; to change the model to weapons

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